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    All types of cake for any occasion! Our specialty is all flavors of pound cake.
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    Candies and Chocolates
    Candies and chocolates for special occasions.
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    Freshly Baked Pies
    Whatever type of pie you want – the sky's the limit!
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    Homemade Cookies
    Cookies – full size, mini or extra large: no cookie too big or too small!
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    Specialty Baked Goods
    Specialty baked goods for any special occasion!
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    Please browse our other baked goods – if you can dream it, we can bake it!
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About Shelby’s Sweet Things

Shelby ProfileIt was the summer of 1979 when I made my first wedding cake. I went to Upper Buck Vo-Technical School for baking and graduated in June of 1976. I always loved to be in the kitchen doing something with food. Family dinner would be ready when my mom came home from work. But it wasn’t until I went to school for baking that I realized that’s what I wanted to do. My father was a Chef, but my Grandmother could and would make anything she wanted without a recipe. I remember playing outside and smelling the homemade hot rolls, the cookies, cakes, and her famous cherry roll. I had a love for sweets, and that’s how I grew to do more baking than cooking, but I can do both very well.

Shelby’s Sweet Things is happy to offer you our wonderful home-baked cakes, cookies and pies personally prepared for you by professional baker, Richele Brisbon